Pee Like Lemonade – Weight Loss Tips that Work

by Dave Jackson on February 8, 2014


Today we talk about some weight loss tips from Jillian from Health Magazine title weight loss tips that work. These include:

  1. Swear off fade diets
  2. Be an 80/20 eater
  3. Speak positively
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Diversify your workout
  6. Order what you need at Restaurants
  7. Scout out lunch spots
  8. Travel with snacks
  9. Fill up before parties
  10. Eat Citrus every day
  11. Eat more turkey
  12. Drink plenty of water
  13. Say yes to dark chocolate
  14. Stand up
  15. Clean out the pantry
  16. Put the good stuff out front
  17. Ration your junk food
  18. Don’t freak out.

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7 Weight-Loss Secrets

by Dave Jackson on December 31, 2013


Today we get tips from the Jillian Michaels Community (with some additional tips from Jillian). These include:

Get Motivated!

Get perspective

Get focused

Get Moving

Get Support

Get Cooking

Get Energized

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