Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno Pre Order – Comes out September 3rd

Get the hot healthy body you’ve always wanted with Jillian Michaels new DVD Yoga Inferno. Yoga Inferno contains two 30-minute workouts providing a vigorous and focused yoga practice that burns calories and scorches fat. Jillian will guide you through seamlessly flowing sequences of power yoga that will transform your physique while building your stamina, strength and mobility.

“If you liked my first yoga DVD you’ll LOVE Yoga Inferno.” -Jillian Michaels

Workout 1 uses body weight along with 30-second cardio intervals. Workout 2 incorporates the use of light hand weights, combining traditional resistance moves with classic yoga poses for a dynamic, flowing, and challenging practice.

Each workout offers both modified and advanced versions of the poses so you can progress at your own level. It’s time to get in amazing shape and energize your life. Get started today with Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno.

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New Jillian MIchaels DVD Hard Body

Jillian has a new Fitness DVD out called Jillian Michaels Hard Body
Here is what people are saying about it on Amazon.com

Jillian MIchaels Hard Body DVDI (the reviewer on amazon) got this video today and couldn’t wait to try it out! Workout 1 is 45 min,  Workout 2 is 50 min (including warm-up and cool down). Unlike her previous workouts, there is a single, long circuit repeated twice. The moves are basically the same as her previous dvds, but with some moves combined. There are all new people (no Natalie. boo!). And there is a DJ– not sure why. Overall, I really like these workouts. I’ve been waiting for her to come out with another dvd in which the workouts are more that 40 min. I’d say workouts 1 and 2 are similar in intensity, but workout 2 has more complicated moves. Here are the
moves included in each workout:

Workout 1:

Warm-up Speed
Jump rope
Lunge-bicep curl with a
Suicide runs
Scissor crunches
Press/fly/banger in bridge
raise with shoulder press
Leg raise in downward dog
Lunge/curl into Warrior 3 with tri kick backs
Side lunge with
bicep curl into squat with a front raise
Torso rotations
push-ups with lateral jumps
Push-up w/ rows into mountain climbers
Lunges w/ punches (weights in hand)
Surrenders and camel
A weird
squat/spin/lunge move
Side plank crunches
One legged bridge with
(then start from the top again)
Cool down

Workout 2:

Warm up
Spring Lunge
Push-up on knees into an upright position (hard
to explain)
Squat jump with arm raise
Dead lift with bicep curl
jumps (Jillian calls them cheerleader jumps)
Chaturanga into
One-legged squat with row
180 jumps
Angel-fly with a pass (kind
of like superman)
Crow push-ups and grasshopper push-ups
Chair squat with
a jump
Halo into curtsey
Static lunge with a row
legged squat into a pike push up
Pigeon squat with a front raise
swing with a jump
Reverse squat
Curl and jump
One arm mountain
Jumping squat with fly
Pike crunch (with weights) and a
Traveling side plank
Lateral hops
Jumping donkey
Traveling planks
Reverse planks
(then start
from the top again)
Cool down

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