Jillian Michaels Slim Down App Now Available for Android

Jillian Michaels Slim Down AppJillian’s Slim Down app is now available for Android. What do you get?

? Calorie Counter / Food and Fitness Tracker to Enter & Track Foods
? Fat-burning exercises PLUS step-by-step videos from Jillian

• 20 fat-burning exercises PLUS step-by-step videos from Jillian
• A Sample Fitness Plan day for Weight Loss
• Ability to view questions and answers from thousands of active dieters on Jillian’s message boards

There is a premium version for $14.99 a month where you get

• Personalized Jillian Michaels fitness plan with custom exercises and workouts, based on your body type and goals
• 150 exercises ALL WITH easy-to-follow video instructions from Jillian
• Ability to post questions and respond to thousands of active dieters on Jillian’s message boards
• Membership to JillianMichaels.com where your app will completely sync up with the website and you’ll get unlimited access to 100s more recipes, diet tips, exercise advice, workouts, fitness advice videos, custom meal plans, a meal planner, food journal, menu guides, calorie counter, interactive weight tracker, weight-loss buddies, wellness tools, and so much more!
• All this for just $14.99/month – Easily subscribe and pay using Google Play! Your upgrade will auto renew each month.

I believe this ties in with your membership at her website which is only $4 a week.


You can find the Android App at


Jillian Michaels Total Body Kit

Looking for an inexpensive way to reach those New Years Resolutions? Check out the Jillian Michaels Total Body Kit. This kit clocks in for less than $20 and contains a speed jump rope, 2-light 2-medium and 2-soft grip handles, resistance tube ring with ankle strap, door strap attachment.

The idea being is not only will you be able to work your entire body, it’s portable (great for those people who travel). It also includes a chart with exercises, and an instructional DVD and mesh carrying bag. The resistance tubes have two different levels to accomdate different fitness levels.  

This is just one of the many different exercise equipment pieces Jillian has launched recently.

Jillian Michaels Certifications Questioned


History is once again repeating itself. Jillian releases a new DVD (Shred it with weights) and those who are jealous of her fame attack the product, and in this case her.

Jeff Fell (who also penned the criticism of her Yoga Meltdown DVD) wrote a scathing article in the NY Times.  In the article he writes,

Jillian Michaels, on the other hand, is lacking in shame. At least that’s what I thought until I realized Michaels is not actually a real fitness trainer — she’s an actress playing the role of fitness trainer on TV and in a line of popular DVDs.”

Jillian came out swinging today and has said, “I’m going after them. They didn’t do any of their homework. They flat-out [lied]. It’s defamation, it’s libel, it’s full-on.”

The act of attacking Jillian is simple, you attack, mention your credentials, get mentioned (as Jeff did here) and hope you can get a crumb from Jillian’s overflowing table. This crumb will be delivered by a lawyer.

Jillian told USMagazine “I currently own two certifications, one of which doesn’t expire. I developed my own continuing education program for trainers, with sports medicine doctors. I’ve been a trainer since I was 17-years-old for 19 years.”

It should be interesting to see how they attack her next month when her 6 week six pack DVD comes out.

Jillian Michaels Certifications

In the biggest loser exercise book, her bio claims accreditation in the “American Fitness Association of America” and the “National Endurance and Strength Training Association“.

Shred-It With Weights Jillian Michaels DVD

Recently I mentioned how Jillian had been shooting some new video for a new workout DVD. Today I see at amazon Shred-It with Weights will be released September 7th. Here is the description

Get ready for a fresh, dynamic way to work out! Jillian Michaels adds extra weight to her hard-core circuit training techniques for a total-body workout designed to burn maximum fat. Using a kettlebell or a single hand weight, Shred-It With Weights helps you build lean muscle and burn mega calories with two 30-minute boot camp workouts. Begin with Level 1 and progress to Level 2 for maximum body- shredding results. Stick with Jillian’s program for 30 days and you could see a lean, shredded body.

The price is only $9.99 and it features Jillian using her kettle bells, but as she mentions in the video, if you have dumbells those work just as good. Jillian Video

If you don’t have her adjustable kettlebell it is available at Wal-mart for $89.00 The video that comes with the Powerbell is Jillian showing off different moves. The Shred-it with weights is an actual Workout DVD using weights.  One commenter on the  Wal Mart website said, “Adjusting the plates takes only a few quick seconds, and it’s perfect, since most of the kettlebell workout dvds that I own have 30-sec breaks built in between the circuits. I can get some water and adjust my weight accordingly with plenty of time to spare before the next circuit starts. I also like the more rounded shape of the bell as opposed to others that have straighter sides.”

Another commenter said, “Great piece of equipment, you get an awesome workout. Much different resistance than a dumbbell.