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Cheap Stress Relief – Write it Down

Ever had one of those days when you have so much to do that you don’t even know where to begin? Or when you have so many thoughts and emotions swimming in your head that you don’t know which end is up? I know what that’s like! When I’m stressed out or something is bothering me, I sit down and write. Getting my thoughts on paper helps me identify my stressors and come up with solutions. Plus, it just feels good to get it all out!

If you don’t do so already, I recommend keeping a journal and writing in it regularly. Writing for just 10 to 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your stress level and your mind-set. Need some ideas to get started? Here are some topics you can write about in your journal:

  • Your day. Simply writing down a play-by-play of your day can get your thoughts flowing and steer you to other topics.
  • Your goals. Writing about the person you want to be and the life you want to live can help you visualize your dreams and come up with a plan for making them real.
  • Specific problems or worries. Write about the things that stress you out or events that have upset you in the past. Describe how these things make you feel — and why — and brainstorm a list of actions you can take to counter these problems and feel better.
  • Priorities and to-do lists. This is a must for all you multitaskers and responsibility jugglers! When you feel overwhelmed, write down all the things you have to do and prioritize them.
  • What you’re thankful for. This might sound cheesy, but trust me — it can help you think more positively. Your life will always have room for improvement, of course, but taking time out to acknowledge and appreciate the good things can help you put everything else in perspective.

When you’re writing, resist any perfectionist urges. Don’t edit yourself, and don’t worry about spelling or how your prose sounds. You’re not writing for posterity, or for anyone else’s sake — you’re doing it for you.

Jillian Adding More Content to Her Website

When Jillian left the biggest loser we know that she wants to adopt a child, and she wants to be able to reach more people personally. One of the ways she interacts with her community is through her website. With more time on her hands now (kind of) apparently she is adding more value to the site. According to her faccebook page she said, “Shooting 200 exercise videos for my jillianmichaels.com fitness planner. Be afraid. Be very afraid.” This was accompanied by this picture.

In addition to more resources being added, I got this email today stating they are having a sale:

Tired of losing the battle of the bulge? Take back your waistline with an easy-to-follow plan from America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels, and enjoy a flatter
tummy — without a single crunch! Plus, join now and get my lowest price, just $3 a week!

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I’ll start with the bad news: studies show a clear link between cortisol, a hormone your body releases when you’re stressed, and excess belly fat. Back when we were being chased by lions in the jungle, cortisol came in handy helping us run faster — now, when the boss starts to push your buttons, or you’re running late — these “fight or flight” hormones have nowhere to go, and our bodies stay in stress mode, corroding our organs and glands until our systems shut down. Individuals who secrete the most stress-response cortisol also have the most fat on their bellies, and are more likely to experience regular spikes in carb cravings.

Now for the good news: there are at least half a dozen ways to boost your body’s production of cortisol — and not one of them is a sit-up! From changing the types of proteins and grains in your diet to the time of day you eat, to how much caffeine you’re taking into your body each day, you can dramatically affect the amount of cortisol that lingers in your system and see a slimmer, flatter belly! Start learning how to take control of your body and your life — right now—with tips, techniques and strategies designed to reprogram your body to burn fat and build muscle at JillianMichaels.com.

If you’ve ever wondered what you get at the site here are a few perks:

Mobile access to track your success anytime, anywhere
1000+ delicious recipes
Personalized cardio & fitness planner
Fitness advice videos
Ultimate menu guide
Emotional assessment tools to help you conquer hangups
Daily motivation from ME!

members have lost 1,488,146 pounds and counting!

Jillian News

Jillian MichaelsKiller Buns & Thighs! It hits shelves Sept. 6″  – Pre Order now

On her first day of taping The Doctors. Ann Coulter called me a selfish narcissist for pursuing adoption as a single parent. Amazing. Welcome to daytime. I am clearly not in Kansas anymore.


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