Sweat AC – Go Meet and Workout with Jillian

July 22, 2013

Wow, if you want to go to an event that you probably won’t be able to walk home from check this out. You can register for a workout with Jillian for $100. For more information go to http://sweatusa.com/

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Rob Margolin Dishes the “Dirt” on Jillian Michaels Past?

June 27, 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this video a man claiming to be her old martial arts instructor claims she has lied all these years, and that her “Quick start” product is dangerous. On her website it states that Robert David Margolin was her sensei When I did some searches for him, his […]

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Jillian’s ONE Contestant Wins The Biggest Loser Again

March 19, 2013

Last night we saw where Jillian’s ONE contestant who kept fighting back, and winning every challenge came back to the finale and oen the biggest loser competition by 1 lb.   Here is Jillian’s interview about the finale.

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Jillian Michales Talks Motherhood with Jay Leno

January 29, 2013

Did you miss Jillian on the tonight show? Here are the videos:   In this video, she talks about soda bans, hostess bailouts. The full episode included Dustin Hoffman (she is guest #2)

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Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper Video

January 25, 2013

In this fun video, we hear Jillian talk about how being a Mom has changed her, and why she came back to the Biggest Loser.

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