Jillian Michaels Slim Down App Now Available for Android

Jillian Michaels Slim Down AppJillian’s Slim Down app is now available for Android. What do you get?

? Calorie Counter / Food and Fitness Tracker to Enter & Track Foods
? Fat-burning exercises PLUS step-by-step videos from Jillian

• 20 fat-burning exercises PLUS step-by-step videos from Jillian
• A Sample Fitness Plan day for Weight Loss
• Ability to view questions and answers from thousands of active dieters on Jillian’s message boards

There is a premium version for $14.99 a month where you get

• Personalized Jillian Michaels fitness plan with custom exercises and workouts, based on your body type and goals
• 150 exercises ALL WITH easy-to-follow video instructions from Jillian
• Ability to post questions and respond to thousands of active dieters on Jillian’s message boards
• Membership to JillianMichaels.com where your app will completely sync up with the website and you’ll get unlimited access to 100s more recipes, diet tips, exercise advice, workouts, fitness advice videos, custom meal plans, a meal planner, food journal, menu guides, calorie counter, interactive weight tracker, weight-loss buddies, wellness tools, and so much more!
• All this for just $14.99/month – Easily subscribe and pay using Google Play! Your upgrade will auto renew each month.

I believe this ties in with your membership at her website which is only $4 a week.


You can find the Android App at


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