Can I Eat Pasta?

Simple carbohydrate foods like pasta can cause a quick rise in blood sugar. But that doesn’t mean you have to swear off spaghetti. Here are 3 ways you can minimize pasta’s effect on your blood sugar and waistline.

1. watch your portion sizes. A cup of pasta will do far less damage than a bowl.

2. adding a little fat and/or protein to the meal will slow down the digestion of the carbs & release of insulin.

3. cook your pasta just until tender. Overcooked pasta sends blood sugar higher than pasta cooked al dente.

3 Tips to help you be less hungry

Eat 5 walnuts or 8 almonds before a meal (roughly 65 cal) to stimulate production of cholecystokinin, a hormone that slows your stomach from emptying so you feel fuller much longer.

Brush your teeth frequently – at least 3-4 times a day. Not only will this give you a great smile and keep your breath fresh, but you’re much less likely to want a snack after brushing your teeth.

Limit yourself to 3 bites of anything you crave then wait 15 minutes before taking another bite.

This will give your body a chance to register the satiety & curb your cravings!

What’s New With Jillian

Jillian Working on a New Video Project

Jillian mentioned on her last podcast that they had some people in and they were working on taking the podcast into a video. Does this mean a Jillian Michaels youtube channel, video podcast, or what she didn’t say. But this picture from her facebook page shows her and Janice on the set. The back of the monitor says “Daily Dose!”.

She also has a new horse. Watch video f Jillian Michaels riding new horse.

Jillian’s new DVD “Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix is a total body workout that will fix your physique fast! These quick-paced workouts will blast off the fat while toning your entire body. Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix consists of three 20-minute kickboxing routines. Workout 1 focuses on toning the upper body, Workout 2 is going to tone and sculpt the lower body, and Workout 3 really zeroes in on the abs, all while melting off the fat with wild and fun kickboxing cardio. Never kickboxed before? Don’t worry! Jillian has included a tutorial video that helps you get familiar with the moves so you can perfect your form before you begin exercising. So what are you waiting for? Get in sick shape and start kicking butt today!” You can also rent this for $7.99 if you want to see it before you buy it.


Jillian on Motherhood

Jillian got to spend some time with her daughter as the adoption moves forward, and was “smitten” with her new child. She talks about it in this video.

New Freshology Product

Here is what Jillian said about her new line of organic food at Freshology, “I create MANY products for people from all walks of life. This product is fresh, cal controlled, hormone free, preservative free, anti biotic free, gourmet food. Yes, it’s costly. BUT for those who CAN’T afford it I have done segment after segment on how to eat healthy on a budget. Get my podcast for free. Use the free month subs I always offer on Take my cookbook out from the library. Get my dvd’s free on exercise tv. I have put volumes of info, products, & advice out there for people on a budget. Take advantage of it.”

Jillian Michaels
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