Overcoming Your Fear Of Exercise


Today we get some tips from Jillian on overcoming your fear of exercise. Here are some key points:

Your attitude creates your reality

These are fears you NEED to overcome.

Do workouts at home – use a DVD. Who is afraid of looking stupid at home? Your family has seen you at your worst.

This will be a major boost to your confidence level and it will change your frame of mind for the better. The body follows the mind

Jillian said on her podcast that she doesn’t like the exercise but she has the understanding, and she keeps her eyes on the big picture of fitness. She thinks about her kids and being there for them.

If you’re looking to start Jillian’s exercises, join her website.


Pee Like Lemonade – Weight Loss Tips that Work


Today we talk about some weight loss tips from Jillian from Health Magazine title weight loss tips that work. These include:

  1. Swear off fade diets
  2. Be an 80/20 eater
  3. Speak positively
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Diversify your workout
  6. Order what you need at Restaurants
  7. Scout out lunch spots
  8. Travel with snacks
  9. Fill up before parties
  10. Eat Citrus every day
  11. Eat more turkey
  12. Drink plenty of water
  13. Say yes to dark chocolate
  14. Stand up
  15. Clean out the pantry
  16. Put the good stuff out front
  17. Ration your junk food
  18. Don’t freak out.

Full article at health.com

7 Weight-Loss Secrets


Today we get tips from the Jillian Michaels Community (with some additional tips from Jillian). These include:

Get Motivated!

Get perspective

Get focused

Get Moving

Get Support

Get Cooking

Get Energized

Mentioned on this Show

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Logical Losers Accountability Club

Maximize Your Life Tour Part 2 – Avoiding Holiday Stress


Today we hear about Jillian’s App being spotlighted, her new tour, and we get some tips on avoiding stress around the holiday.

Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour Part 2

If you missed it the last time Jillian was around you can catch the exact same show as she is coming around again. You can check dates and tickets at www.jillianmichaelslive.com

Jillian’s Slim Down App Gets Best of 2013

This is a great app that has all sorts of exercises, tips, insights. You can take the app to the next level (but it is optional), if you are a member of her website it connects you online account and tracking.

Jillian Michaels Slim-Down: Weight Loss, Diet, & Exercise Solution – Everyday Health, Inc.

Avoiding Holiday Stress

Caffinegate Requires Silence From The Biggest Loser Participants


Today Jillian talks – well kind of – about the caffine incident on the biggest loser. It turns out she CAN’T say anything that can APPEAR to be negative about the Biggest Loser. Instead she mentioned some facts.

1. Caffine supplements have been used in the past.

2. She did not alert the doctors that the contestants were going to be taking eboost.

3. Her team would have lost without the 4 lb disadvantage (but then Ruben wouldn’t have been able to return)

4. A company that is part of NBC has given Ruben a recording contract.

So with this in mind, NBC can potentially benefit from Ruben staying on the show and building a relationship with the viewers (who could potentially buy his future records). I mean what was up that singing segment with Dolvet? HELLO???

How to Boost Your Energy

Jillian DOES have some tips on how to boost your energy.

1. Get More Sleep (DUH)

2. Get more  water

3. Eat better.

4. She recommends eboost as an all natural way (instead of five hour energy, red bull, etc) as these are time released amounts of caffine.